Yaxley Parish Council

These "unofficial" website pages have been redesigned for on-line operation.

Yaxley Parish Council can "take over" this section GRATIS if they wish and at the touch of a button we can engage a whole range of facilities here specifically designed for town and parish councils. These functions are all easily controlled on-line from any browser:

  • Add and amend the description of the council itself
  • Add and amend the main contact information
  • Add and amend councillor details including, if required, councillors interests, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Add and amend committees, including a description of what each committee does.
  • Add and amend committee membership, that is who is on what committee.
  • Add and amend meeting dates of each committee
  • Upload agenda and minutes for every meeting in almost any format: Word Document, Spreadsheet, Adobe, etc.
  • Upload individual high expenditure items as required by the Localism Bill 2010
  • Upload other public documents into pre-defined libraries; like Annual Reports, Policies, Information Sheets, Accounts.
  • AND all of this is in ADDITION to the services available to other site members like: news items, events, photographs, location and facility details, etc.


And what's more we are developing further services, like on-line forms to take the paperwork out of communication. If you are a councillor or a staff member of Yaxley Parish Council and would like to talk to us about this, just send us an email.

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Yaxley Parish Council performs a range of functions to provide management of the local facilities and environment. Some of these functions it conducts itself whilst in other cases it provides feed back to Huntingdonshire District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and National Government. Yaxley Parish Council has direct representation on Huntingdon District Council and numerous other local organisations.

But perhaps the most important responsibility taken on by the Yaxley Parish Councillors is to maintain the public pride and civic dignity of the parish. Look around and observe your community. Most of what you see has been passionately devised, created, organised and maintained by dedicated citizens of the Yaxley who have been elected as parish councillors over many years. This can only happen with the support of the rest of the population and that may mean you too.